Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In Knowing

Life expects awareness and acceptance. There are people we meet, places we visit, see the things we hardly know, and know the known better. Treading the unknown holds the key to being alive.  In Knowing has shades of love, life and wisdom. It is a search, conflict, revelation, and realisation.  

An anthology of seventy poems, In Knowing, is a compilation of previously published poetry from my blog. 

A play of abstract, spiritual, philosophical, inspirational love and life poems, In Knowing, expresses myriad feelings, some defined and some left to conjure. Perceptions, purely perspective, I have chosen words to match the free flow of emotions. That’s also one reason I decided to keep the count of the poems to “seventy”, the number associated with spirituality and sacredness. 

In Knowing, is my third collection of poems in English; the first and the second being Me, My Friend and Feeling the Way respectively. 

Published by Partridge Publishing, the book is my first eBook project. 
Cover Photo By Deepak Nayar

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